About Us


Brews Brothers Coffee LLC was founded in 2008 by John Murphy. He lived in Central American and Europe for many years. During these ventures he developed a love for coffee.

Upon moving to Sierra Vista, about 15 years ago, he endeavored to prefect the art of roasting coffee. Brews Brothers Coffee was indeed Sierra Vista’s first coffee roasting company.

John discovered the perfect espresso blend and decided to share this with others by opening Cafe Sierra in Sierra Vista Library in 2009.

The espresso and specialty coffees he served were superb, always freshly roasted and brewed. The local community grew to appreciate the quality and flavor of freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee.

In July 2015 John decided to retire and leave Brews Brothers Coffee in the care of two of his close friends and fellow brewers Ricardo and Jessica Sariñana.

Being the coffee aficionados that they truly are, Ricardo and Jessica Sariñana are very passionate about roasting. They strive to deliver to their customers coffee beans that are not only of the best quality, but that will provide the flavors and aromas of the geographical areas in which they are grown.

Ricardo, having worked in the food industry for over 15 years, is familiar with the high standards associated with this industry, where freshness and prompt delivery are essential.

Jessica has worked in a variety of industries associated with not only customer service and publishing, but has been a business owner for over 15 years. Growing up in Costa Rica and Ecuador, she was exposed directly to the small coffee farms in those countries.

This combined experience is the perfect blend of this type of business. They truly do provide the consumer with a product and service that has no comparison. It would be an honor for the Sariñana family to provide you with the best coffee beans available with the highest quality customer service in mind.


Ricardo and Jessica Sariñana



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